What a fantastic first year and brilliant celebration. See BLOG for photos and update.

Sessions are currently on hold while I put my time into having a baby. Hurrah! 

Feel free to register your interest via email or at the 'contact us' link and I will keep your details until sessions recommence.

no ordinary dance

Strandlooper Dance Improvisation Group

Invites You To…

…Join our 1st Birthday Celebration



WEDS 28TH NOV 2012,     7.30-9.15pm           

Cost: £5/3

All proceeds will be donated to

Earthdance Centre for Contact Improvisation, Massachusetts, USA www.earthdance.net              

THE CELEBRATION SCORE: celebrating and supporting earthdance in our communities


What is Contact Improvisation? (From The Dictionary of Dance)
A style and technique based on improvisation, in which the dancers support & utilize each other's body weight while in motion; attributed to dance artist Steve Paxton working in the US, beginning in the 1970's; normally performed as a duet and without music, the emphasis is on touching, falling, lifting, leaning, sliding, counter-balancing, and supporting the weight of another person. Characteristics of sharing, cooperation, egalitarianism, and informality define the social atmosphere amongst performers and with the audience.


 Dance Improvisation Sessions

The Art of Being Present continues Nov 21st 2012


   Photo by James Newitt, Tasmania

Wednesdays 7.30-9.15pm 2012

There is a yoga class in the space before us. Please respect this and enter the building quietly if you wish to arrive before 7.30 to get changed.

For details of this lovely yoga class follow this link


Sneinton Old School Hall, Windmill Lane, NG2 4QB

(Follow directions to Green's Windmill, the hall is straight ahead when you enter the Green's Windmill free car park)

£5/ £3 concessions

(please keep an eye on the website for any changes in venue or go to the 'contact us' page and request to be put on the weds class e-list)


         From a state of open awareness we will explore the ways we choose to move.

     Organising ourselves down to the floor, rolling, leaping, balancing, stretching, flying,

        moving together with other bodies and our own, responding in each moment                 


The sessions will be held by Miriam Keye; Dance & Movement Artist in Residence at Earthdance Centre for Contact Improvisation, Massachusetts, for 6 weeks. Subsequently invited to live & work there for 6 months. Whilst there she was fortunate to dance with Nancy Stark Smith, Moti Zemelman, Judit Keri & Andrew Harwood. She studied with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. She then went to Tokyo & worked intensively with Tetsuro Fukuhara & Takuya Ishide.


The practice is best explored in loose fitting clothing & bare feet. It is suitable for adults of all abilities and backgrounds.

Some movement based experience is beneficial. Just turn up or call first if you have any questions or concerns.

Miriam: 0794 090 8893

Musicians & artists from other disciplines are welcome. Please call first so we can discuss how best to work together.

There will be some opportunities to perform at various festivals and events including Quick Shifts at Embrace Arts, Leicester



“Improvisation is a way of shifting the boundaries within which we see the world”

(‘Body Space Image’ by Miranda Tufnell & Chrickmay)                                                                  


Strandlooper explore communication- physically, thoughtfully, energetically, playfully, curiously, cellularly, dimensionally, gently, greatly, cognitively, breathily, lightly, heavi..

age...          ability...           place...             affinity...

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